About Diane Wat

Hi, I'm Diane.  In 1990 I began supporting myself as a self-taught artist painting a few white Tshirts. Twenty years later, my art has expanded and has become a journal of my life.

I got my Standard Poodle in 1993 and a love affair with my dog.  My whole life became dogs and cats and rabbits.  Here I am today still am painting the animals!

I got a divorce in 2005 and began a journey of finding out who I was.  This is when the "April Series" began that can be found on the Fine Art Page.


Around 2008 I began the "Floating World Series", again on the Fine Art Page.  Why bunnies I'm asked?  In the beginning I thought I was the Geisha in the series....turns out I've been the bunny all along!








I discovered Yoga and in 2009 and so began the "Pop Art Yoga Series"



Here in 2011 I am working on these new art series, "The Leopard Bed Time Story" and "Quan Yin" series.

My life story is in the art and I welcome you to view it.  I love how emptying the mind allows for the art to come alive from the subconscious.

Here in 2011 I am working on theis new art series, The Seasons.  Below is "Summer".



Thank you!