Yoga Bio of Diane (Xiu Lei) Wat

One Ultimate Aim of Yoga is to Experience Our True Nature.

Each posture is linked like a bead in a mala (a mala allows one to go deeper into their practice).  Diane (Xiu Lei) Wat offers a light hearted Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow practice where each asana (posture) becomes a moving meditation.  The body will naturally flow with the breath.

The regenerating and detoxifying attributes of Qigong (an ancient Chinese healing art) are subtly woven into the asanas to bring more energetic balance. 

In addition, Xiu Lei leads a simple and beautiful Qigong meditation practice called “Blossoms in the Spring”. This form is accessible to anyone.  It allows for the practitioner to move energy within her body opening pathways and stills the mind.

Awaken and balance the body, feel spacious inside, go deeper into the self.

pic of diane xiao lei wat


Diane (Xiu Lei) Wat is a certified 200 hour yoga alliance instructor.  Her background resides in Qigong, marital arts, and fine art. 

Xiu Lei has taught internationally and teaches yoga retreats in Bali.

She has taught incarcerated women through the Gemma Volunteer Program in Santa Cruz, California.   www.gemmasantacruz.org/faq.php

She had shared yoga and art with children in schools of third world countries and will be leading yoga teachers in Bali orphanages in doing some of the same.

Her training was through Mark Stephens, author of the new book, “Teaching Yoga, Essential Foundations and Techniques”.  www.amazon.com/Teaching-Yoga-Essential-Foundations-Techniques/dp/1556438850

She studied Qigong  privately with Master Ted Mancuso, author of “Blossoms in the Spring,  A Perfect Method of Qigong”   www.plumbub.com

Her past includes being a personal fitness trainer and bodybuilding competitor. Currently she teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga  at Santa Cruz Yoga, west side Santa Cruz, California  www.santacruzyoga.net 

and Divinitree, Water Street, Santa Cruz, California http://www.divinitree.com/

Xiu Lei resides in the beach town of Santa Cruz, and is a well established local artist.

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