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Licensees, Art Buyers, Product Developers & Manufacturers:  We would love to show you the newest art collections available for license from Diane Wat Designs at Surtex 2013 in New York at booth #534.

Contact us at info@ipsilaw.com to setup your appointment!



Diane Wat is a self-taught artist with an instantly recognizable style.  Her unique ability to merge the living personalities of animals with beautiful watercolor hues has become her trademark.   “I easily imbue my own sense of humor into playful, colorful artwork that brings an animal to life with only a few unrefined brush strokes,” she says. “I love it when people visit my show booths and end up smiling and laughing, remarking that I have amazingly captured the personality of their do­­g or cat in one of my painted shirts.”

In 2005, Diane began a series of paintings entitled “The Floating World,” featuring a fascinating world of geishas and samurai bunnies.  Diane explains, "I love the juxtaposition as created by my subconscious.  It wasn’t until later that I realized the paintings are self-portraits and I’m the bunny.”

The “Pop Art Yoga” series was added to her line in 2010.  With a passion for yoga, Diane has been an instructor and led yoga retreats, as well as sharing her gift with underprivileged children in Bali.  “Yoga is taken so seriously sometimes…this is my way of making it light and playful, as well as sacred.”            

Diane was raised in California and currently resides in Ubud, a town on the Indonesian island of Bali.