Art the Easy Way

Art the easy way!

 Painting is Easy!!

In this super fun workshop you will enjoy paintnig on paper,
 t-shirt and canvas. 
Designs are already outlined kind of like a coloring book.

NO experience with art neccessary!!! 

July 23rd, 2011, Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 pmand/or
Sep 24th, 2011, Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, California

Map to Louden Nelson Ctr 

Wedsite for Louden Nelson Ctr

Limited time only tuition: 90.00  (Price increase without notice)  Limit 20 students

 What are we going to do in the workshop?
 Doodle!  Like we are 5 years old
 This workshop allows to expand your drawing ability and those that don't want to draw shine in creativity.
 Paint on top of xerox copies as if we were hand coloring a black and white photograph.
 Trace or draw a dogs and cats onto a t-shirt making it easy to paint
 Have a xerox of your pet we adhere it to a canvas then paint on top of it.

Things to bring:

Your amazing self

Acrylic paints: your favorite colors and white, red, yellow, blue, raw umber (dark brown)
  ultramarine blue (or any dark blue like a navy color) raw sienna.  Small tubes, student quality is fine

Gloss medium  (I like Liquitex bland but any brand is fine, small container)

Brushes: your favorite brushes, a number 4 round nylon bristle, a number 8 flat nylon bristles. 

#4 round is about the size of a pencil, #8 flat is about 1" wide

Water container

8" x 10" premade canvas or smaller (if you work fast, bring 2 canvases and extra xeroxes)

1 or more white or off white t-shirts prewashed cotton

1 Embroidery Hoop size about 12" in diameter for every t-shirt you bring

Multi Media Sketch Book 9" x 12" is a nice size but get one that feels right to you

Drawing pencil (I love the Draughting #314 but any pencil including a number 2 from school is fine.

Pencil sharpener

Black felt tip pen (fine Sharpie marker or something similar)


Eraser  (My favorite eraser is a kneaded eraser)

Image of your pet to paint onto canvas:
  Bring 2 of the same pic, color or black & white. 8"x10" computer print out or xerox of your pet.
  Optional things to bring:


Tracing pencil

Collage materials such as origami paper, page from a book, ribbon, thread or yarn

Questions?  Call me at 831-479-9302  Day of the class call my cell at 831-227-0217

Diane Will bring:

aluminium foil to use as your paint tray

paper towels

xeroxes of dogs and cats and flowers to practice with

collage materials

extra supplies

Sign me up!


 painting dogs

painting dogs

painting dogs

diane wat painting


See you at class! Diane



Price: $90.00